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    Yes, there ARE rules...


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    Yes, there ARE rules...

    Post  Admin.Lila on Wed Feb 11, 2009 5:43 pm

    Hey Guys-

    There are a couple of rules here at Graphic Avenue.
    You have three strikes. The first time you break a rule, you will get a warning. The second time, you will get a warning, and then you will be blocked for one week. The third and final time, you will be banned from the forums. KEEP THIS IN MIND EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU POST...once you hit 'post', it is sent out, and people will see it.

    Okay, lets get to the rules. Very Happy

    1. No sexual or bad language. This is a given. There may be littler children on here, and you have to keep everything PG-rated.

    2. No picking fights or getting super angry at someone.

    3. Your avatar has to be something original, or something from our gallery of pictures on forumotion. You can use something someone else made, but you MUST credit them in your signature.

    4. No inapropriate images. This means no private parts or swearing.

    5. No targeting one specific person-- we can be mature, right? Smile

    I will be the final judge of whether or not anyone becomes too much of a risk. Oh, and have fun- don't worry too much. Smile

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